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Digital Sport Relief for the BBC!

As a Preferred Supplier to the BBC we work with them on unusual format-based problems they come up against.

Recently they needed to recover some footage from a series of Digital8 tapes. This was needed as part of the BBC’s Sport Relief coverage to be aired later this month.

Digital8 – The Problem

Digital8 is a format introduced by Sony back in 1999. It achieved little growth, losing out to a superior digital version, MiniDV, which was accepted much more readily by consumers and the industry alike.

Because of the low take-up of Digital8, very few pieces of equipment are now left in circulation which are able to convert Digital8 tapes to a digital file or DVD.

Digital Archive – The Solution

With our well-maintained, bespoke format-conversion equipment, Digital Archive were the team to call!

We were able to turn this order around in just 24 hours for the BBC’s Sport Relief production team, keeping them on-track and on-budget. And giving the term “Sport Relief” a whole new meaning!

Bookmark Digital Archive for future reference, and give us a call the next time you face a problem with the format of your footage.

We love a Digital Challenge!

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