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Archiving is the thing no one quite gets around to doing……or you leave for someone else to do!

And for a while that’s not a problem. Until, that is, you actually need some footage for that Presentation / Ad / Press Release.

And then you find it’s:

  1. a) In analogue, not digital and,
  2. b) It’s in a format you’ve never heard of.


That happened to a Charity we’ve been working with – Care For the Wild – who do fantastic conservation work in Africa with endangered elephants, lions etc.

They had reels of footage, all on broadcast-quality U-Matic tapes, having been broadcast on the BBC.


We converted these tapes to .avi files. .avi files can contain both audio and video data in a file container that allows synchronous audio-with-video playback, similar to the DVD video format. We then stored them to External Hard Drives, and they are now accessible on PCs and Macs.

Just as important, they are preserved for the future.

So whenever the next urgent request pops up they can be found and accessed…. instantly.

Take a look in your storerooms, basements, cupboards  and see what you turn up. And then challenge us to convert them into usable footage. Even the most obscure of formats!

We love a challenge!!


The Digital Archive Team


Welcome to the Digital Archive Blog!

Welcome to the Digital Archive Blog!

Welcome to our latest blog post.

At Digital Archive we take old types of film, in any format, and transfer them to Digital Hard Drive or Cloud Solutions, giving you:

  • Quick and easy access to your film footage
  • Enhanced film quality, both sound and picture
  • Freed-up office space!

We have transferred video films for many organisations including businesses, schools, charitable organisations and museums.

Adam M. Roberts, CEO of The Born Free Foundation and Born Free USA, was delighted with the service we provided to them, transferring hundreds of videos to Digital.

This gave them instant access to their extensive archive of film about the valuable work they do for animals around the world. Other recent clients include The Aspinall Foundation, Care For The Wild and Whitehall Films.

If your organisation would benefit from replacing a disorganised video library with a fully labelled and categorised Digital Archive, contact us for a no-obligation chat.

You can call us on 01403 734465 or get in touch here